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Ca. What is a sinkhole home in Florida?

Are worried you might have foundation problem. There are many signs to look for in order to determine if there is a problem. Most sinkhole home have problems like cracks, ground level issues, and problems with the windows and doors.

Cracks can be found anywhere on you sinkhole home. Cracks will usually begin near the windows and doors at the top corners of the frames. The cracks usually begin in the walls near these areas because they are holding a window or a door in place. Some sink hole home owners notice cracks in or around stairways because they too rely on a level foundation. Cracks in walls may start anywhere from the ceiling, floors, or right in the middle. You might even notice cracks to appear from the exterior of the home. In most cases, foundation problems will cause cracks to be visible quickly. This does not mean the house is going to collapse but you should act on signs right away.

Windows and doors show the first signs of foundation problems. Most sinkhole home owners notice the door jams to be the first sign of a poor foundation. It is common for people such as a builder to tell a new home owner their home is settling and the door jam issues are normal. Sometimes this is true. However, pay close attention. You will notice doors in the home are no longer shutting properly. You might have to pull really hard to shut the doors or they may no longer shut properly at all. This is the same for windows in the home. They may begin to scrape against the frame of the window as if it was not installed in the frame properly.

Ground level issues are signs of a sink hole home. Things that you might look for include cracks around the cement like the driveway or walkways. If you have covered the soil with grass or rock then you might notice an area that is now softer than it was before. It is possible you will notice an area slumping or to seem like it has fallen into a slight hill. Pay attention to the exterior of you home. It is also okay to look at the neighbors property too. This does not mean you should trespass and walk around their property. If you see any signs of leveling issues that appear to be foundation problems it might raise an area of concern.

Sinkhole home buyers notice first signs of foundation problems with their windows and doors not shutting properly or fitting in the frames. The reason for this is because the home has shifted and it is no longer level. Other signs of a sink hole foundation include cracks throughout the interior or exterior of the home and level issues outside. If you do believe you have a sinkhole it is best to call your insurance company right away and file an insurance claim. AAA

Protect Your Florida Sinkhole Home

Congratulations! You just purchased your dream home in Florida. You also bought homeowners insurance to protect your dream home. Sure, you knew about a sinkhole that was discovered on the property of one of your new neighbors; you did check to see your policy covered sinkhole damage. But one day, you find evidence of what you think is a sinkhole on your property. You photograph the damage, make notes, then send it along to the insurance company, figuring your covered.

The letter from the insurance company comes back saying, Sorry, This house is not a sinkhole.

What do you do? Chalk it up to failure and pay the costs out of pocket? Call up the insurer to scream, yell, plead and beg?

When your house has been damaged by a sinkhole and you want to file a claim with your insurance company, it may be in your best interest to hire a sinkhole lawyer. In fact, your claim is more likely to go smoothly and quickly if you hire a Sinkhole lawyer during the early stages. Though most people initially try to file for sinkhole damage costs on their own, they may run into trouble with a stubborn insurer. If the claim process becomes a long, drawn out fight, then homeowners may find they need the guidance of a lawyer to help win their insurance claim.

Insurance companies in Florida are not unfamiliar with homeowners filing claims for sink hole damaged property. In the past, Florida law required insurance companies to cover the damage to houses caused by sinkhole activity. Since some unscrupulous homeowners took advantage of this law to start filing claims for every little crack or bump on their premises, insurers began rewriting policies with increasingly complicated language regarding sinkhole coverage. Insurance companies also began refusing new policy applications, or dropping old policy holders, if the properties were in a high risk area for sink hole activity.

Even if you do manage to get sinkhole coverage on your insurance policy, the insurer could still deny your claims. This is when hiring a sinkhole lawyer with sink hole litigation experience can be to your benefit. The sinkhole lawyer can help determine if the insurer is being fair or is breaking the stipulations of your homeowners policy. A sinkhole lawyer understands the complicated Florida sinkhole laws, and most importantly, a sink hole lawyer knows when your rights have been violated.

Don't insurance agencies deny you the costs for sinkhole repairs that you rightfully deserve. Protect your biggest investment- your home. Hire a sinkhole lawyer if necessary to make sure your rights are being protected.

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When Should You Hire a Sinkhole Lawyer to Protect Your Florida House

Florida homeowners know the dangers inherent with owning a house in Florida. But they are willing to risk anything to live in The Sunshine State! They just have to take their chances against any damages caused by natural hazards, such as hurricanes and sinkholes.

The costs to repair sinkhole damaged houses averages in the tens of thousands, and could easily run above and beyond the cost of the house itself. Though you may think your insurance covers for sink hole damage, actually getting the insurance company to pay is another story. When you are dealing with such large amounts of money, it may be in your best interest to hire a sinkhole lawyer.

When is the best time to hire a sinkhole lawyer? Though you may try to handle filing claims on their own in order to save costs, you might actually end up paying more if you seek legal services down the line to fix a messy, complicated insurance battle. Hiring a sinkhole lawyer early on means you will not suffer.

Another advantage to hiring a sinkhole lawyer early is to have the guidance of a professional who understands the complicated sinkhole laws. A good sinkhole lawyer will examine your case and decide the best course of action. Do not assume the best course of action is always to go to court. Too many insurance companies have been hurt by people filing exaggerated claims for minor damages; in most cases, people were encouraged by unscrupulous, greedy lawyers. Just remember that a sink hole lawyer gets a percentage of your winnings, so a large settlement means a bigger paycheck for them.

A good sinkhole lawyer will help you evaluate different options. If you wish to file a claim for sinkhole damages, your sink hole lawyer can help you find a reputable engineer to conduct the appropriate sink hole tests. Your sinkhole lawyer will inspect your report for completeness before you file the claim. And your lawyer will be there at each step of your claim processing, whether it is filing, responding to a claim denial, or evaluating the offer. If it turns out the costs of pursuing a sinkhole litigation (the tests, the legal fees, etc.) cost more than the actual cost of the house, your sinkhole lawyer can tell you how much to expect from the insurance company, or refer you to a sinkhole home buyer who specializes in buying sinkhole houses.

Hiring a sinkhole lawyer saves you time and sanity. Insurance companies are notorious for dragging their feet or not responding to phone calls or letters. You are probably busy with your own job and personal life. A sink hole lawyer can act as your go-between, and better yet, a lawyer is not afraid of any aggressive bullying tactics the insurer may employ. Your sink hole lawyer will doggedly pursue the insurer and help move things along.

Dealing with contracts, laws and negotiations is not easy. Florida laws concerning sink holes are complicated. Rather than running around in confused circles or panicking, hiring a sink hole lawyer for professional help may be your best, sanest choice.

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Sinkhole Home Property Value

Current market value of a non sinkhole home ( Zillow.com)
- 10% (Stigmatization of a sinkhole home)
- Cost to repair (What the insurance company paid off)
= Cost market value of an unrepaired sinkhole home
(This is what it is worth today)

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